Monero Network Upgrade(Hard Fork) Countdown

Monero issues regularly scheduled hard forks, which are upgrades to the Monero network.

v8 hard fork has enabled bulletproofs! v9 hard fork has made bulletproofs now mandatory.


Activation Height: 1686275 - We are activated in v9 now!

Current Block Height: 1707012

Current Hashrate: 478,593,154 h/s

Current Difficulty: 57431178439

Total Supply: 16,576,479 XMR

Market Capitalization: USD$1,430,666,779

USD$ Price: USD$86.31

BTC Price: 0.01558798 BTC

Last Reward: 3.567873848406 XMR

Last Updated: Nov 17 2018 10:30:27 UTC

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